“… So, together you can work to find ways of understanding that allow all actions to lead to mutual tolerance, to lasting peace and mutual respect. The task is hard, complicated, difficult, but you must be passionate about it and animate your hearts because it is the only solution to make this world move, that will make worlds move.”

“These texts illuminate the consciousness, open the hearts and nourish the soul.

I am grateful for having received the inspiration and for having supported this writing. I pass it on to all those who thirst for love and spirituality.…”


The 12 Universal Laws

Three modules corresponding to three levels of progression (introductory module, in-depth module and research module).
They are destined to enter into the knowledge and understanding of the 12 Universal Laws, 12 progressive steps of consciousness to incarnate, given at this moment of evolution in which man must become aware, find the right behavior and make his choices responsibly to a harmonious and fraternal future of humanity.
In this time of openness of conscience to universality, the aim of this book is to name the Universal Laws that govern the universe and to present what religions, great traditions and men of faith as well as humanists have been able to express on the theme of these laws.

The 12 Universal Laws

The 12 Universal Laws given by the Masters of Lights clarify and update the words of the main religions and the great spiritualist currents.