The planet contains an energy of life that animates it and that animates it and that emits a different message at every moment. What is that message at each moment and in each place?

Based on the works of Editions Mercia du Lac
Treatise on Telurology (D. Didier)
My first steps in Telurology (D. Didier- S. Dufour)

It consists of 4 modules and a total of 14 lessons of two hours each.

Each lesson contains an explanatory video that will be worked on later, online through the zoom platform, analysing the doubts and questions and doing the practices that allow the integration of its content.

5 practical and theoretical lessons to learn the fundamental bases of Telurology, from an energetic and vibratory approach to manifestation, to continue with the study, knowledge and understanding of the reality of our planet, living and conscious being, of the reality of its kingdoms, in the Whole of creation, through the Telurological Wheel.