Energies were born with the universe and circulate freely.
Through his conscience, humans can feel them
and learn to channel them.

“Energy is defined by these words: Force in action, transformation, movement, source. Since the birth of the universe, everything is energy…”


4 Modules of 5 Lessons based on the book “ How Energies Influence your Life” by D. Didier, in which you will discover the energies and gain mastery. Many practical exercises are available to activate them in order to be at your maximum potential.
Thanks to an innovative technique based on the knowledge of brain waves: The AL scale can be used in everyday life: creativity, concentration, calm and  relaxation.
Many other keys and practical exercises will be given to you in order to develop your capacities and your feelings.
For each module is proposed videos course and practical course with a trainer to answer to your questions and do exercises online via the zoom platform.