About us

Editions Mercia du Lac were created in Switzerland, Lausanne in 2017, by Didier Family, in the publishing area for several generations.

The main author, D. Didier, has devoted herself to writing books specializing in personal development such as Energy Sciences, Tarot, Feng Shui, among others.

These books bring a wealth of teaching through their new, complementary and fundamental light brought to thousand-year-old knowledge.

Mercia Academy offers a wide variety of contemporary online and presencial courses in which you can learn different branches of energy science and arts, that will allow you to live in consciousness and in harmony with yourself and your environment

For many years, teachers passionate about these teachings have been transmitting, on 5 continents, comprehensive, structured and practical courses.

These teachers are licensed from the editions, which guarantees an uniform and quality teaching.

Our books are available at: merciadulac.com