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In this work 1-1 you can work about your personal life questions, also you can teach better about your inner life, tools of meditaction, mental voids,your energetical centars how to clean it, open it e.t.c

What Will I Learn?

  • Better feeling, opening some new spaces, resolving some energetical problems e.t.c

About the instructor

Ivan is Ex Yugoslavian national handball player with winning medals in world and europian championships

From 2001 during the playing in Fc Barcelona he began to learn from teachings of D. Didier who helped him to give good results in his sports career. During the time he become individual consultant, coach and profesor in Mercia academy for teachings of Divinatory arts - Iniciation Tarot of Masters - Univerzal Tarot of Masters - Candels and magic flow After playing sport he dedicated himself to energetic work with people all around the world in the desire to help them using primarily the knowledge gained from learning from D. Didier

Behind it are numerous individuals energetical works, privat consultations, motivactional speeches, interviews, texts that inspire, seminars and thousands of satisfied attendees

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Material Includes

  • For those who already did seminares of Divinatore arts, materials included is the book, cards for Tarots and for Candles and magic flows, pigments and full materials for opening.

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