Universal Tarot of the Masters

Why the “Universal Tarot of the Masters”?

To go back through the image and the symbols to the archetypal source of this teaching and of all creation in the universe. So the interpretation of each card, or of a drawing will be on the desired level: universal or personal.

How to interpret the 26 cards of the Universal Tarot of the Masters?

26 in numerological reduction gives 2+6=8. The 8 represents the infinity as long as it is in a closed circuit. It is the representation of the two superimposed loops: they contain the universe.

The one on top, is the “non-manifested” world. The bottom loop is the “manifested world”, where life exists under different forms being in different space-times.

What is an Archetype?

An Archetype is at the same time the thought, the conceptualization, and the divine creation before and after the Creation. In other words, to understand the notion of a Universal Archetype, we must start from moment 1 of the Big Bang, this formidable explosion that contained “the Whole” before its de-multiplication. The “Universal Tarot of the Masters” opens consciousness to other spaces more subtle in the Weft.

Meet all our teachers of Universal Tarot of the Masters

Our teachers are located in different countries and cities around the world, who are committed to transmitting the teachings of D.Didier in a professional, clear and understandable way. The courses are broadcast in different languages: English, French, Spanish, Greek.